Reading is Essential, Learning is Life!!!

About me!

Hi everyone!! Thank you for checking out my site!! Here is a little information about myself 😊!

My name is Jodie aka ‘GeauxGetLit’. I live in South Louisiana and my family was one of the first to settle land here! They were known as Acadians, and was forced out of Great Britain due to their not standard French, their Catholic believes and fearless ways! These same people are now known as Cajuns in US!!

A true Cajun’s motto is “Laissez les bon temps rouler”, which translates to ‘Let the good times roll’. In case you were wondering what Geauxgetlit means…Geaux is the Cajun French term for GO!! Read it as Go Get Lit…which is a double entendre 😂!! I LOVE good times and reading equally the same!

I am a middle aged mom of two children. My son, Alex, is Autistic and is 9! My daughter, Riley is 5 and she acts like she is 15!! When my son was going through the LOOOONNNGGG evaluation process to determine if he was on the spectrum. Myself being a reader, I researched everything and anything having to deal with Autism! Well, why I was researching I stumbled upon women with Autism and what their typical characteristics are compared to males! I cried for three days, not from being sad but because all my life I knew there was something different about me! Many psychiatrists tried to label me with a multitude of different mental disorders, because they never had a true diagnosis for me because I was atypical! My tears were of pure joy and happiness because after researching further, all my symptoms were all expected with Autism Spectum Disorder! I finally figured out who I was and it was a very profound moment in my life! It took me a couple years of trying to find a psychologist to diagnose me. Diagnosing girls at any age is a tough struggle, but diagnosing a Female Adult is so uncommon and much more research needs to be done to make this a possibility!

Being neurodiverse has its challenges, but at the same time it has such great strengths! I am a proud Autistic female and I am so thankful for my Autistic son 😍! I am passionate about Autism Awareness and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding ASD!

My Reading Life

I was hyperlexic as a child and started reading on my own at age 3!! In almost every picture of me when I was a child, I was always holding a book! Books were the only thing I asked for my birthday and Christmas…I rarely played with toys! In primary school, I read in my schools Library! When tested I was reading on a twelve grade level in 3rd grade! My mom, also an avid reader, never held me back from reading “inappropriate” books and encouraged me to read anything I wanted. When I was 10, I read Steven King’s ‘It’. Yea that 1000+ page book! It took me only 3 days to read it and it opened up my LOVE of horror and thriller novels!! It did leave me with a phobia of clowns though 😂!

In my mid 20’s, I basically went on a reading hiatus…due to my having fun doing unmentionable things 😅! My 30’s, I read but it was typically not for fun! I read pretty much only non-fiction books regarding my career, leadership and self help!

When my son was diagnosed with ASD, he needed therapy daily. It was at that time I became a stay at home mom! It also gave me the ability to refuel my love of reading for fun! Mystery and thrillers are still my favorite books to read! I do try to stretch my genre and will read anything!

If you read all this, thank you and welcome!! During the 2020 quarantine for Covid-19, I found social media and the best thing I found was Bookstagram! I was so in shock that their were so many people like me who not only love to read, but they also like pretty books!! I was in such a disbelief that I finally found MY PEOPLE!!

Now, here I am so excited to begin this new adventure in blogging what is some of my favorite books! I do hope you stick around as I stumble with how exactly this works!

I am also open to any criticisms or critiques, it helps me learn! So, never hold back on this site! Please include only Honest opinions and I will do the same!! Eeek, this is so exciting!!

What People Say Favorite Quotes

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever…

Mahatma Gandhi

Learn as though you would never be able to master it; hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it.


The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

A house without books is like a room without windows.

Heinrich Mann

Let’s read, learn and grow together.

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