When No One is Watching

Book Review


The gentrification of Brooklyn was at the core of the book. Race contentions and conspiracy theories were also at play. I listened to this book on audio, so that might have made a difference in my opinion. However, the writing and the tone didn’t sit well with me on this book. The twist at the end was somewhat predictable, yet it delivered a much greater punch…but still left things flat.

This book fell short for me due to it being labeled as a thriller. However, if you go into it knowing it’s more of a literary fiction with a side of suspense, I think it would receive a higher rating.

Published by Jodie

I’m a born and bred Cajun Girl! Proud Mom of a Neurodiverse family! Some might call us weird...I say, at least we are interesting! Books are my BFF! Learning is Living and Reading is Life!

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