Maybe in Another Life

“Relationships aren’t neat and clean, they’re ugly and messy and they make almost no sense except to the two people in them. That’s what I think, I think if you truly love someone, you will except the circumstances, you don’t hide behind them.”

This book shows what happens to a woman in her life. She was involved in a major car accident in one life and in the other the car accident never happened. It shows her life decisions made in each that would happen to her and who she would end up with loving forever.

My takeaways: The writing in this book confused me, I had to constantly think which life she was in as the chapter transitions were awful. The main characters were the same in each life so it just added to the confusion. Yes, it ended up being a happy ending read in both of her lives and she declared that she wouldn’t be any happier if destiny changed anything. I resonated really well with the above quote also!


Published by Jodie

I’m a born and bred Cajun Girl! Proud Mom of a Neurodiverse family! Some might call us weird...I say, at least we are interesting! Books are my BFF! Learning is Living and Reading is Life!

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